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The 7-series trades in luxury, with a richly appointed cabin and a smooth, quiet ride. The iDrive infotainment system is intuitive, and the long options list includes reclining, massaging rear seats. The 445-hp Twin Turbo Premium Unleaded V-8 4.4-liter V-8 all-wheel drive is standard on the plug-in. he 7-Series, a series of electronic chassis controls have become far more complex. An air suspension and electronically controlled dampers are standard on all models. An optional Autobahn package comes with a system called Active Comfort Drive with Road Preview, which adds anticipatory functions to the dampers, air suspension, and the included active roll bars. It also includes the Integral Active Steering (variable-ratio front and rear-wheel steering), which is engineered so it can work in combination with all-wheel drive. The dampers, steering, throttle, and transmission are all adjustable in the standard Driving Dynamics Control system, which has Sport, Comfort and Comfort+ settings. In Sport mode, the available active roll bars help keep the car relatively flat through corners and wrestle its 4,600-pound curb weight around like a smaller, lighter car. We did notice, however, that the handling suffers without those roll bars and the Integral Active Steering, tending to push in corners instead of rotate. The Sport mode also makes the power more readily accessible, adds a little more heft and responsiveness to the steering, and provides more road feel without creating a firm ride. Overall we’ve found all these chassis systems, plus the weight savings of the new structure, to bring a far lighter, leaner driving experience than you’d expect from a sedan this large. Comfort, safety, and features BMW has pushed the corners of the 7-Series cabin outward as part of the revamped instrument-panel design; and it at least visually frees up a little more cabin space for those in front. For the U.S. market you’ll only find long-wheelbase versions, with a (meaningful) extra inch of rear leg room. The back seat area, as it always has for the 7-Series, can be equipped for typical luxury-sedan accommodations or something far greater and chauffeur-worthy. New ambient lighting and a fragrance option help personalize the interior, while there’s a panoramic LED roof available. And all doors now have a soft-close feature.

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