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Iconic model of the German manufacturer, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class goes from innovation to innovation with a power and grace always renewed. Tailored profile, this luxury sedan displays dynamism of volume, elegance of lines and nobility of curves. In all points, the emblematic car celebrates the spirit and the robustness. The grille adopts massive proportions. The front projectors energize the fa�ade with their slender profile. Two words seem to have carved its volume, speed and serenity. As much sports car as high-end vehicle, it seduces by its technical performance and its majestic pace. As for the cockpit, it fulfills the promises of design. Everything is luxurious, calm and voluptuous. Soft lines, inserts and quality materials immerse in absolute comfort. Thanks to the Citycar luxury car rental service, you can take the road with prestige.

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